About Jobs I Do

Promote your jobs and services online for free to prospective employers looking for talented people just like you!

Jobs I Do is a classifieds service for jobseekers. Whatever you do, promote it on Jobs I do and get the work you deserve!

Put your talents and services in-front of prospective employers. Your listings will be searchable in all major search engines giving you the chance you deserve!

Potential employers will contact you direct and you can arrange to arrange a price and payment for the work you do. We do not take any commission. You can choose to list your jobs for free or pay a small fee to feature your listing for more exposure.

What you get when submitting a job on Jobs I Do:

  • An SEO friendly page all about the work you do and what you have to offer.
  • Your job automatically posted to our Twitter account.
  • Job ads run for 90 days, you can renew for free before the 90 days ends.
  • We make it easy to submit your jobs.
  • Up to 6 images per job to make it look great!
  • Maximum exposure and indexing.
  • Automatically posted to various RSS feeds.
  • Mobile friendly grabbing potential employers from any device.
  • List as many jobs as you wish and manage them all from your personal control panel with options and stats.
  • Share your jobs on social media with one click.
  • Upgrade your jobs to a featured listing for even more exposure!

We accept any job type or service.

Featured Job Listings:

For a small fee, we offer “Featured Jobs”. Featured job listings get listed in the sidebar on many pages in a rotation system. Featured job listings also appear at the top of categories and latest jobs pages. When you pay for a featured job listing, it remains featured for the full 90 days.

Free Job Listings:

Free job listings are listed on the latest jobs, category section and are searchable using the search bar. Unlike featured job listings, free job listings move further back in the system as newer jobs are listed. Free job listings also remain in our system for 90 days.